Bathroom Design!

This is a rendering I just did for a potential new client. She and her husband have a gorgeous house and this unused space on their second floor was the perfect spot to add in a spa oasis, even though this will be their daughter's new bathroom.

Here are a few tips for those thinking of doing their own design but you can always message me for ideas!

1. Always overlight your bathroom, but put the fixtures on dimmers. That way you have enough light for grooming, but can dim the light down for a bubble bath.

2. Cleaning a bathroom does not have to be as hard if you use the right construction methods and materials. Tile can be murder to clean for some, but I recommend using a grout with a latex modifier that will not allow the penetration of bacteria and that will make it harder for scum to grow.

3. Having enough storage (and in the right spots) is key to keeping your bathroom tidy. What about adding a large cabinet with an outlet inside of it so that your hairdryer and straightener can live there? Or making sure your vanity mirror has a medicine cabinet for your toothbrush and makeup?

4. Technically that chandelier above the tub is against code... you should be able to stand up in the tub without hitting your head, but doesn't it look sweet? and who stands up in a tub? :)

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  1. I like it very much.
    After all, say hello to Colin Cat.


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