Wedding Entry #3 | Don't Get Married on a Saturday

Getting married on a Friday was hands down the best way to save money, right off the top. My husband and I were super budget conscious and this was one of the first decisions that we made that affected our bottom line the most. Well, this and winning our photographer [Wedding Entry #2].

Not only was our popular venue available and over $3,000 cheaper (rental price ended up being $2,750), but our photographer was available, and cruises only embark on Saturdays so that worked itself out too and we could leave the very next day on our Honeymoon! 

I also read online and in magazines that deals could be made with vendors if they weren’t already booked for the non-traditional Friday date, but since Charleston is a very popular wedding destination, I didn’t risk it and booked the vendors I wanted right away.

This wasn’t something I did intentionally, but I heard after the fact from friends and family that had to travel to Charleston that this helped their plans as well. They came into town on Friday, went to the wedding, and still had a whole day to tour around Charleston on Saturday before leaving on Sunday.

I’ll be frank and tell you that I wasn’t thrilled about the Friday date at first, but since I was already off from work for the whole week anyways, it didn’t really end up mattering to me (I didn’t even know what day it was since getting married is such a whirlwind). And let’s be honest, it really is all about the bride, isn’t it?!?

Another option is a Sunday afternoon wedding. This was posed in magazines as the cheapest route since you would most likely serve lunch fare, not a lot of alcohol will be consumed, and most likely locations and vendors will be cheaper. Due to the fact that I am friends with raging alcoholics who love to dance, this was just not an option for me as they we need a day to recover before returning to work. :)

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