Farmers' Markets Open!

 Baby Eggplant
Store Egg vs. Organic Free Range Chicken Egg

I am so excited that the Farmers' Markets opened back up! The above pictures are some of my finds from last year, baby egg plants and a new found love of organic eggs, and I can't wait to try out some more goodies. I am also a huge fan of the grass fed beef, Nicole's Nutty Goodness, and the crepe tent.

The Charleston Farmers' Market takes place between April 9 - December 18 from 8am-2pm at Marion Square in downtown Charleston. It is full of people, pets, great smells, and all kinds of chances to support locally grown and handmade items, plus the prepared food there is amazing so go hungry!

I have been on this recent, within the last year, curiosity binge on finding out where my food came from and what is in the food I get from the grocery store. The fact is that the facts are kind of scary. I am not SUPER-DUPER overly against processed foods, God knows I still consume them, but I would like to slowly morph my diet into something a lot more natural and healthy, one step at a time and starting with the farmer's markets.

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