Wedding Entry #9 | Can't Find It? Make It!

I could not find a bird cage veil at any of the stores around town, but my magazines proved that somewhere, someone, was making the pretty little veils as brides were wearing them all over their covers and pages within them.

Once I found out that the specific name of the veil was “bird cage” the search became a little easier. I found a woman online who made them [here], but I get nervous when all control is left in someone else’s hands. I really wanted a custom fit so that it wasn’t flowing over my face, too long, too short, etc., and since this was such a big part of my ensemble, it had to be perfect… so, once again, I made it myself. Me = control freak, at least I can admit it, right?

I knew I was taking a risk as I had never made one before, but I figured out the exact netting I wanted to use, ordered enough to make two veils just in case, and got to work. I did end up making two, but just chose the one that fit me best and the result is the picture above. 

One of my bridesmaids gave me a hair clip that I modified a bit and clipped it to my hair over the veil. After the ceremony was over, I removed the veil and just wore the clip. I can’t explain what my attraction was to this veil, I just knew that I did not want a super elaborate and long one, and this was sort of where I ended up - I really loved it!

Some girls told me that they “wished” they could pull off that look and my response to them was, did you think I pulled it off?!? Fooled them! I wasn’t sure I could wear it either; I just know that if you put something on with confidence, you will rock it every time! I mean, it isn’t everyday that I wear a floor length white gown either.

The one issue I had was a bit of wedding overload and I will warn you about this if you do decide to make a bunch of stuff for your big day. Be honest with yourself because maybe what you made isn't the best thing out there? I wish I would have thought to have someone else proofread my printables. I misspelled the word "marriage" in our program and it still drives me nuts to this day! I hate misspellings and have a terrible habit of correcting everything I am reading... I've been known to correct published books! But when you are the one writing everything, I think a second set of eyes will never hurt.

If you are looking for a specific item, but can't or don't want to make it yourself, there are a lot of crafty people on Etsy that would LOVE to help! Give me a shout if you need some advice.

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