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There are so many inspiring things in this world and with the internet these items are more at our fingertips than ever before. I was just reintroduced to this print by Andy Warhol. It is called "Butterflies" but the version that has the "big green butterfly in the center." Not to be confused with the more popular cousin of this print simply called "Butterflies." Right now this print is the inspiration for a nursery someday (if we have a girl).

I think about kids and nursery design all the time. As this is most likely the next big step in my life, I can't help it. To me, life and design go hand in hand so it feels natural. I have always enjoyed fun colorful architecture and I hope to do more of this type of design in the future!

Part of my second year of architecture school was spent creating a custom residence for Andy Warhol which looked like this:

The grid effect was taken from the classic iconic self-portrait art of Warhol like the one pictured below. I tried to keep the design within his color palette and give him spaces to let him live his alternative lifestyle. For only having a year of architecture school under my belt, I was proud of this project.

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