TV Critic Time!

This fall it seemed like there were a ton of new shows on! I decided to DVR all of them and then decide which ones I would keep in the queue... here are the results!

This is my favorite new show of the fall! It is a little more drama-y than I usually watch, but the steamy storyline, although somewhat unrealistic, couldn't be further than my life, and I just like to escape sometimes!

This is my new favorite comedy of the season. One of the producers is Whitney Cummings, and although her new show "Whitney" is TERRIBLE, this one is pretty good! Sometimes the humor is strictly sexual (and a little too much of it), which to me is a lot easier to do than other types of humor, but it does get a laugh out of me.

These two fantasy shows are also not my usual type either. "Grimm" is one I can actually get my husband to watch with me because it is "manly" enough that he enjoys it, but "Once Upon a Time" is strictly for girls in my opinion. Both deal with fantasy and how it relates to present day "real" life and I think they are pretty good!

"Up All Night" is good. It is pretty funny and I usually watch it if nothing else is on.

I HATE this show. Zooey's character is so annoying and it drives me into fits of rage only comparable to those when I am on the road with terrible traffic. I spent most of the two shows I watched wishing she would jump off a building. I know that sounds harsh, but her character.is.so.dumb. And I hate that.

Oh, and shout out to my old fave. "Modern Family" is still my favorite show on TV. I don't know how they do it, but their writing makes every character unique and special in their own way and I like them all!

Other oldies I am currently watching are "How I Met Your Mother", "Dexter", "Glee", "Raising Hope," and "Chuck."

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  1. Donald Draper would be upset he was omitted from this lineup. (even if the show doesn't return until March)


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