Breaking Dawn Opens Today!

I read all the Twilight books a few years back and really enjoy the escape to whatever place it takes me, even today. Maybe back to my childhood? This story is not a childhood even remotely like mine... we did NOT have boys that looked or acted like THAT in my high school.

Maybe the passionate love story? I don't like to think about it, because I KNOW that it can't happen because vampires don't exist. The whole idea of someone being able to protect you unconditionally, having the knowledge and manners of someone in their 100s, fierce good looks, and not even to mention a ton of money is a little bit intimidating. [I even heard some women went into a depression realizing that this life is not possible in our reality...]

I really and truly just love the stories, love that I am taking a HALF day from work with some of my female coworkers to grab lunch and a matinee, and love even more (although bittersweet) that we still have one more movie to be released!

Now, what is another series I can immerse myself into? Don't even say the "Something Borrowed" series. I saw that movie and it was a train-wreck...

I'll be sure to let you know how it is! :)


  1. Only in a Vampire world can there be a 2012 calendar that is 16 months. =)

  2. They don't even need a calendar... they live forever! :)


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