Cat Naps

I like kittens, cats, and puppies. Not a fan of dogs unless they are small or fat. :) I find my kitty Colin sleeping in the cutest places and that is one of my favorite things about him. He does not get on the couch unless we call him up, but he can sleep anywhere apparently:

This is the "Colin Stare" until you let him snuggle with you on the couch. He will sit and look at you, like this, for hours.

This spot is one the only places that direct sunlight shines in our house during the afternoon. He moves with the sun too, like a little sunflower.

He claimed this box from Costco as his house after a supermarket trip one day. We let him keep it for a little while to reinforce his independence, but we both know he will live with his parents forever. ;)

He finally was able to fit in a shoe box! After years of being obese, and after try after try, he finally fits.

He is the best studying companion, unless I need to get some more review materials out of my bag. How could I disturb his sleep?

These pictures are just from the past few months. If I put all of the pictures I have taken of him over the past 16 years on this blog you would think that A. I was a crazy cat lady or B. there would be cuteness overload. I love this kitty!

Happy 16th Birthday Little Guy! :)

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