Oscars 2012!

So, truthfully, I only saw ONE movie that was nominated for Best Picture and that was The Help. I don't know how current the academy awards are anymore if a silent black and white film wins (The Artist). I also heard on the radio that the average judge for these awards is a white male over the age of 60...

On the other hand, it may not be a bad idea to keep the judges the way they are because if TV continues in the direction it is going, with the most popular shows being reality TV, I wonder what that says about society and the future of these awards? It seems like the gap between what wins and what is popular gets widened every year.

What everyone loves about the Oscars is the red carpet. I don't know if she is "officially" best dressed, but I LOVED Michelle Williams' whole look. The color was fabulous on her and she looked so feminine even with her short pixie haircut. I will admit that she isn't a favorite of mine, but her stylist did an amazing job.

A beautiful second place in my opinion was Gwyneth Paltrow's look. She is just so gorgeous anyways so it wasn't a shock to me that she was a stunner, but still I try to give credit where credit is due! I wonder if she is wearing Spanx...

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