Superbowl Success!

The Superbowl party was a huge success! The buffalo chicken dip that I made [recipe here] was nearly gone and the Giants won!

Highlights of the night:

Children are occupied by jump castles and a new giant tire swing!

The weather was simply amazing! [note the other Colts fan at the party :)]

Although my squares were unfruitful, here are my "bet results" from my previous post: 4 of 6 ain't bad! :) 
  1. I am taking the spread that the Patriots will not beat the Giants by three. YES!
  2. The color of the Gatorade that gets spilled on the head coach will be yellow. PURPLE.
  3. I call heads. HEADS, YES!
  4. The MVP will thank his team/ coach first. YES!
  5. Kelly Clarkson will NOT wear a dress to sing the National Anthem. BOO, SHE DID.
  6. Madonna will wear some form of fishnet tights during the halftime performance. YES!

Here's hoping that someone makes one of these next year:
And, once again, Go Giants!

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