Color Blocking

I love this (new?) trend of color-blocking. I feel like I have always done it in my interior design, but now I feel comfortable enough to do it in my wardrobe! Being someone that is a little scared to wear patterns, using different color pieces (even if they don't normally go together) as an outfit has greatly increased the wearing power of my closet!

I am not super fashion conscious so I realize that this post may be behind the curve a bit, but I have had some fun mixing and matching and have even been a little more daring with my accessories.

Here are some good examples of outfits that have come together via non "matchy" pieces:

It gives a lot more options for a bottom half than jeans, khakis, or a black skirt. The shoes are fun too! :)

And here are some ideas for sprucing up a living room or really any room in your house. Start with a paint color in a neutral you love - any color on the "mist" scale (green, blue, yellow) or bolder colors like gray, tan, or even white.

Then add your bigger pieces (ones that will last you ten years - couch, bookshelves, armoirs, entertainment centers) also in a neutral color (wood, gray, brown, white, tan).

Now add in your colored accent pieces. Brightly colored drapes, end tables, lamps, pillows, art, and rugs. These are things that you will change out more often and having a neutral in the larger/ expensive or more laborious items will make the change that much easier on your back and your wallet.

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