Happy 6 Months to Minnie!

Minnie in my car on the way back home from her 6 month checkup

No, she is not sick in this picture, she is just a diva. ;) No wonder she loves riding in my car!

She now weighs almost 14 lbs. (13 lbs. 14 oz.) and the vet said she couldn't be happier with her notrils, joints, and overall health. That makes us SO HAPPY!

I love this little girl to death. Her nickname as of late is Stinkerbell (because she does have some of those bulldog traits of being a little gassy after she eats). She fetches and sits on command and she rolls around on her back for fun and when she wants attention. She is a little cra-cra after taking long naps and runs/ jumps around the house like a wild woman! :)

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