Gifts of Christmas

My precious Steven gave me a gorgeous turquoise Coach bag and this amazing smelling perfume! I love it and feel so fancy when I wear it. I was so excited that he was the one that picked it out for me since he is the one that I wear it for!

This is a Fathead of Fenway Park at Night and what I gave to Steven. I can't wait to hang it up in a new house some day! Thank goodness it did not get ruined during our water damage fiasco!

Every year my parents give me cash money. My mom knows I shop at strange places and many different sites online. I am always so picky about things that I buy anymore since I decided to stop buying stuff. Usually I would rather have an "experience" like a massage, trip, etc. over something I have to dust. This year I bought this way cool George Nelson clock for my new office! I can't wait to get it in. :)

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