Holiday Host(ess) Gift

Last year I made these delicious little treats called Rolo Nuggets. It is a roasted buttered pecan squished over a melted Rolo chocolate carmel candy topped on a pretzle... what's not to love?

People enjoyed them so much that this year I thought that they would make a good host/hostess gift when we attend a holiday party? We usually bring wine and I think we've played that one out, but these would go great WITH a nice glass of red so it takes two for the ultimate holiday deliciousness. :)

My husband and I eat a lot of salad and thus a lot of Marzetti's Ranch (in our opinion, it is the best store bought Ranch dressing out there). So, I started saving the jars and over the past year have collected close to 10. You can also buy Ball Jars at almost any grocery, craft, or even hardware store, but I decided to upcycle mine.

The jar, completed Rolo Nuggets plus the other supplies you see here; scissors, decorative felt, and coordinating ribbon, and you've got yourself a great host/hostess gift!

One regular jar will fit about 24 of the nuggets. I think I ate one so that would be 23 - haha!

One pack of Rolos has eight in it, so three packs to a jar, you can do the other math. Enjoy!

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