We Sprung a Leak!

I will wish for "moisture" no more. While we were vacationing in Colorado for Christmas, it was sooo dry that Steven and I kept wishing for more wetness in the air...

Well, this is what we came home to. At 2:30 in the morning. After our flight back was delayed for 2 hours. Tired. And already grumpy.

Our porch is covered so there is never water under it. That was our first clue while walking up from the car with our suitcases.

 Oh, wait, water in your master bedroom is not customary? This was the area most damaged. Our master toilet piece broke while we were gone. :(

Who's the Boss? to the rescue!

 I was cringing the whole time... our wood floors are only two years old! They are all gone now.

Bonus was the disaster guy standing in the pic was kind of cute. Steven didn't think so. 

So, now we are living in a hotel for the foreseeable future. Very inconvenient when you forget something at home, but very convenient when the bed needs to get made or you are wanting some breakfast in the am. 

Hopefully we will have some pictures of our house put back together soon!

On another note, joining my AXO alumni group was one of the greatest things I did in 2012! Here is a sweet note from one of the exec board members.

"Hey Jo,
At tonight's AXO alumnae exec meeting, Leigh mentioned your holiday "surprise". The exec board would like to offer you and Steve our support in anyway we can. Please let me know if you need clean up help, a home cooked meal, help with Minnie, whatever. Don't hesitate to ask. Your sisters are here for you." 


Thank you!

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