Children's Discovery Center | Grand Opening!

I am beyond excited to share the grand opening of what has been the best project of my solo career as an architect so far!

I have been a licensed architect for about a year and a half now, and I have completed many projects before, but none quite like this...

Everyday I get approached to do projects because they "require" an architect. This may pay the bills, but it doesn't do much to get my creative juices flowing. The opening of my latest project was unlike any other project I have ever designed on my own, The Children's Discovery Center.

My brother in law, a builder here in SC, and I won this client over during a lunch one day. We get leads like this all the time, but sometimes they don't come to fruition. This particular day seemed like the stars all aligned and that we all not only came together for business, but we became friends.

Many people were at the ribbon cutting including the mayor. Even Arthur Ravenel came out to sign our bridge which was designed to look like the real Cooper River Bridge in Charleston, named after Ravenel. There was great food and great company, but the best was when the kids got there and were so excited to play in the space! It made my heart so happy.

I will share more finished photos with you as they become available!

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