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In case you wondered where I work every day. :) Here are pictures from my office! I started with a few boxes of papers and ended up with all of this thanks to Ikea, countless reps with their samples, Staples, Humanscale, and our color plotter. I did do a few custom pieces and splurges here and there, but I focused mainly on how I work and the tools I need to do my job.

When you first walk in, this is what you will see. My desk is on the left so I can see out of the window during my work day. Notice my chic deer head on the wall, most of the employees out here all hunt together and have REAL heads on their wall... I didn't want to feel left out! :)

This is my desk complete with Humanscale Diffrient Chair and monitor arm, Ikea table tops and legs, Ikea guest chairs, and several other decorative items from various stores.  My favorite things in this shot are my wall clock, my little air plants on my window sill, and definitely my monitor arm - my favorite tool in this office besides my laptop. The only thing missing is my curtain panel that I want to sew as a valance on my window!

Architects and designers need a ton of storage. This is the wall that I can see while sitting at my desk. Ikea shelves organize all of my product binders and brochures as well as samples and supplies. I then strung metal wire rope across my wall and use clips to hang up design renderings for critiques and display.

I made this fabric covered board to hang my diplomas on for one of my walls. The wall was big and blank, but not big enough to hang a piece of art AND my diplomas and licenses, so I decided to incorporate them into their own little piece of art. This was a way for me to tie in color without going too bright for an office environment. Plus, I love aqua!

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  1. I approve of the deer head. I dare say it looks better than the real thing. The wall clock and the air plants add a nice decorative touch. And I like the transparent Ikea chairs. The aqua frame definitely adds a real pop of color to the rest of the room. Your office certainly looks great!

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