Luck Be A Lady

This is the time of year when many women say goodbye to their men on Sundays (and Monday nights) (Oh, and Thursday nights) (Oh gosh, Saturdays too for college games...) for about 5 months. It's football season! and unless you are a woman that also enjoys watching it, you will most likely find yourself doing other things during this time.

Good thing for me is that I actually quite enjoy this time of year. We are big NFL fans and there is something about my husband being planted there in the living room with the TV tuned to programming that I only care to pay about 15% attention to - when the Colts are playing and when any team is about to score, that I really like. (I get a warning yell before each score courtesy of my husband... either a YES! or a NO!).

For me, this is the perfect time for a self proclaimed avid crafter to get some projects done! I can sit and crochet little hats for winter time gifts, play on my iPad, work on the computer at the kitchen table, do a painting project, or even experiment in the kitchen, all while "spending time" with my husband.

As the years have gone on I have found myself more and more interested in the game. I find myself asking what happened to certain players, cheering for others, and stating my opinions about some. I think perhaps the South is rubbing off on me a little bit in regards to football!

The fantasy draft has been quite elusive to me during this entire time. My husband and I have made it through 7 football seasons and he has won his fantasy league quite a few times! We have gone to Vegas and gotten a big screen TV all from money he has won. (I would say this has worked out nicely for me :).

I feel like all the time he spends on the fantasy league has been well spent because it is something that he enjoys immensely. It is a hobby that is not harmful to him or anyone else. It is relatively cheap and he can be home to do it (we get the NFL Sunday ticket), and the fact that I don't mind it is just a bonus, but this year, one thing is different...

I drafted my very own team in my first fantasy league with my friends! It is a no-money league, but bragging rights will be fun to have if I do well, especially since I drafted my team all on my own. I was a little overwhelmed (30 seconds to choose my next player), but it was important that I do it myself so that no one could say that "Steven did it" if I won. He is also a part of this league so it will be fun when we go head to head as well.

So, Luck Be a Lady, is in the running! I wonder how I'll do since most of my team was based on good looks?!? See my avatar below. :)

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