Yearly Bucket List

Do you ever wake up on a gorgeous Saturday morning and you want to go do something but you don't know what that something is? I do that all the time. To remedy this I decided to make a yearly bucket list instead of picking up the TV remote as was my usual routine. Once I start watching International House Hunters, I can't stop. :)
Over the span of about a week, I thought of things I wanted to do, wrote them in a word document until the page was full, printed it out, and put it on my fridge. I think this helps out my husband as well who is 99% less of a planner than I am.

I just realized that this year is almost up! About 2/3 done and our list is only about half way there. We need to have some more fun before our time runs out, and I am thinking that a bit more cooler weather may be the trick.

This idea of checking things off is physical proof that I am doing something with my life and my time here on earth. It goes so fast that sometimes I don't remember things that I've done, much less things that I want to do, so this is a way of reminding me. What I don't want this to become is just a checklist. I want to savor my free time, enjoy it with those I love, and laugh as much as possible.

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