Casting the "50 Shades" Trilogy

I am a quarter of the way through the 3rd book of the "50 Shades" trilogy and I just have to get into the debate of who will play these characters if they turn the book into a movie. I have heard rumors that some of them have already been chosen, but that didn't stop me... below are my choices!

Christian Grey
28 Year Old Hot, Dominating, and Self-Made Billionaire CEO
#1 - Alex Pettyfer 
After seeing this picture, I know who I will picture in my head for the remaining 3/4 of the final book! Alex Pettyfer is definitely my number one choice for his smoky eyes and chiseled features.

#2 - Ian Somerhalder                        #3 - Robert Pattinson

Anastasia Steele
22 Year Old Innocent/Independent College Grad with a Curious Sexual Side
 #1 - Emma Stone
The young brunette character is described to have large blue eyes. I also think she should be naturally beautiful and have a whit about her, Emma is my #1 pick.

 #2 - Jennifer Lawrence                       #3 - Amanda Seyfried

Elena Lincoln (Mrs. Robinson)
50s Something Sexual Dominant & Businesswoman (who gets slapped!)
#1 - Kim Cattrall
The older blond character is said to have a short blunt haircut and be extremely good looking for her age. Kim's character Samantha in SATC may have been just the training Kim would need to play this sexually dominating character nicknamed "Mrs. Robinson" and this put her at the top of my list.

#2 - Heather Locklear                    #3 - Suzanne Somers

Katherine Kavanaugh
22 Year Old Stunning (albeit Nosy) Blond Friend of Anastasia
#1 - Blake Lively 
She is the only person I picture when I see this character... if Kate Hudson was younger, she would be a close second. Katherine is described as being a rich, beautiful, blond, know-it-all, overprotective best friend of Anastasia.

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