First Beach Day of the Year!

 Folly Beach, Charleston, SC
Lake Michigan - Michigan City, IN

I will admit, I am not much of a beach person. I can't stand the heat, don't care for sand in my toes, and would rather not carry a bunch of heavy crap a mile down a path to get to the actual "beach" where I don't swim in the nasty salt water anyway.

I grew up very spoiled on Great Lake Michigan. The sand is clean and made out of quartz, there is a lighthouse which serves as visual interest, the water is crisp and fresh and absolutely NOTHING to harm, bite, or sting you lives in it, and there is a giant parking lot right next to it so it makes it quite accessible. You can call me crazy, but I prefer Lake Michigan to just about any beach I have been to, sans Hawaii, now those were some gorgeous beaches!

So, like I explained I am more of a "lake" girl or a "swimming pool" girl, I love convenience, but yesterday was a PERFECT day for the beach in Charleston!

My sister and I found a parking spot in the CLOSEST spot to the beachwalk, I remembered to pack a nice lunch and plenty of water, the breeze was keeping us cool, the sun was making us burnt tan, and I had a great full day at the beach with my little sister who I don't get to see very much!

I think I can take back some of the things I may have mentioned above about Folly Beach in Charleston... that is if you follow these 5 important tips:
  1. Do not, for any reason, arrive at the beach past 10am. You will beat all the college kids and tourists if you get there before 10am and finding parking will be a ton simpler!
  2. Always use SPF before you leave the house, and pack some more spray SPF to re-apply intermittently throughout the day. I say "spray" is better because I can reach my back without bothering anybody.
  3. Pack enough water and food so you don't have to leave your spot or pay through the nose for some lunch. If you plan on being there all day, snacks and re-hydration are key!
  4. Don't go in the water. The salt hurts your eyes and you may get stung by a jelly or bitten by a shark. Chances are low, but I'm saying there's a chance!
  5. If you would like to partake in adult beverages, here are the rules for doing so at Folly:
    1. Just put it in a container, not glass, that you cannot see through. I saw people getting away with putting their can inside a red solo cup, but I am not claiming that as complying...
I would like to rant for just a sec... what IS it with the sand here in Charleston? It has dirt in it. Like black, I can't just brush it off, I need water to get it off, straight up, dirt. And it is gross. And the salt water? Forget getting the dirty sand in your eye, you might as well cry it out because if you use salt water to wash it out you also have to deal with the stinging sensation my contacs and I are not so fond of.

Anywho, yesterday probably won't be my last beach day this year, but as you can see I am a bit picky when it comes to beaching it. It is a blast with friends, but they can most likely count me out of joining them in July and August. Oh, and after 10am.

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  1. ok... so this is attempt number 2 at trying to comment :)
    what I was saying in my first attempt was...
    I also hate the beach... hot, sweaty, burnt, sharks blah, blah, blah
    and then I was hoping to share my wisdom... which may become an additional beach tip for you
    if you are looking for a way to get that pesky sand off once you have headed to the car try...
    Baby Powder
    I learned this from a mom friend and I do not know how or why it works but, sprinkle on some baby powder and viola the sand comes right off


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