Green Fin : Trader Joe's [Not So] Best Kept Secret

I asked around our office to see which of the cheaply priced wines at Trader Joe's was impressing some of my foodie friends. Two people immediately said "Green Fin." "Greenwin?" "No, Green Fffffin, Jo."

Got it.

I was headed to my girlfriend's house later that night with some other friends and stopped by the Joe's on the way. I had my reusable wine bag [six slots for bottles!] so at the $3.99 price tag I had to fill up all the spaces or that would just be wasteful, right? Right.

I thought I would get all six, take a few inside to my friend's house, and Steven and I would be able to have a few bottles at home.

Note to self: Do not underestimate the drinking power of said friends. ;)


Needless to say, the wine was pretty delicious! It wasn't super complex or anything, but it was a very drinkable [too obvious?] and had a nice easy taste - not too alcoholy or bland - with a nice finish. It doesn't need any special gourmet food or anything, and although we already had dinner, I bet it would have been hella good with some pizza!

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