Bell's Hopslam Ale

If you haven't been able to tell, I may or may not have a drinking problem. I say "not" because I have a great career, an amazing marriage, and wonderful friends and family, so I guess you COULD say that I am just "really fun." ;)

It seemed like in just one week that 3 different people (unrelated friends) posted pictures of 6 packs of Hopslam Ale on Facebook saying it was "the best time of year again" "can't wait to crack one open" "the best 20 dollars they ever spent" [20 f*^%ing dollars?!?]. Naturally, I needed to know what this luxury beer tasted like but first I looked it up.

99 points rating on Beer Advocate! Holy crap.

It's made in Michigan! Less than 2 hours from my hometown.

Add these couple things to the fact that it is rare, hard-to-find, and there is a one pack per person limit when they almost never have it in stock and suddenly I was on a mission...

While at Total Wine one night with my husby and mom, we just happened to ask if they had any Hopslam and they did! It was behind the counter and we couldn't believe our luck. The gods obviously wanted us to have a taste.

The Total Wine boy looked at us and nervously said, "There is a one pack limit."

I said, "Yeah, per person, not per household, so we will take two."

But then my mom jumped in and said " Make it three." [Love you mom.]

So, 60 dollars later (they weren't kidding about the price)...

And I can tell you, with all the assurance in the world, that it is worth that $3.33 a bottle, because it starts out like other hoppy beers, pretty strong, but has the smoothest finish - not bitter in the slightest. Absolutely perfect with some pizza or just to sip on. Plus, I look at it as an investment... one beer and I am finished! (10% alcohol)

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