First Weekend of April!

I love where I live... seriously. There is always so much to do and the weather is amazing almost year round and pretty much whenever I say that I live in Charleston people exclaim how they either love visiting, want to visit, or even wish that they lived here themselves. I am a pretty lucky girl.

The first weekend in April is always a big one for our City as this is the weekend of the annual Cooper River Bridge Run. And hell no I don't participate! I can run the bridge any day I want and don't have to deal with that crowd you see below! Like 50,000 people run/ walk/ ride this thing and I spend most of my Saturday usually steering clear of this area of town. :)

If you want to avoid exercising but still enjoy crowds, check out the Summerville Flowertown Festival. It is a great time if you enjoy crafts and food, and I love both. I am starting the day with a pancake breakfast followed by ducking and weaving to see, and perhaps buy, some pretty talented handiwork of local artists. I can't wait!

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