Is Courtney Robertson Haunting Me?

Exactly one week after Courtney Robertson won the heart of The Bachelor Ben Flajnik, I receive THIS coupon in the mail. I would be willing to bet money that is "model" Courtney Robertson herself featured on this mailer!

What really convinced me that this was actually her is the partial uni-brow she sports so often and her front teeth are a little out of the ordinary - not super straight "braces teeth."

I know a lot of people didn't like her, but honestly I will say that I didn't care who won this season because Ben is a glorified farmer with bad hair. Let's face it, she is way hotter than him and the show, without her, would have been a snooze.

Here is her profile pic from The Bachelor, so, am I right?

Plus, I will really try to use this coupon so I appreciate her work with Stein Mart!

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