I am a French Bulldog!

I made this poster after finding a similar one online, but I modified to reflect my experiences with Minnie. I love being a Frenchie owner and these are some of the funnies that I have come across! (and I am totally going to sew her an outfit like the one on the bottom middle)

One especially funny encounter was when a little boy said "Whoa, that ain't a cat, that's a pitt-bull!" haha! Never heard of Minnie being compared to a cat before, or a pitt-bull. :)

That is our dearest Minnie on the bottom right. What she really has come to be is 99% clown, a pistol for about a minute a day, naps for the rest of the day, happy-go-lucky, light of our lives. I love my dog!

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  1. I have had my Frenchie called a cat a couple times and a puppy Mastif?


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