Coach Fail : Update

OK, so remember this [post]? Well, I have an update...

After I drove my happy ass to the Coach Outlet and gave them my 1 week old broke-ass-bag to send off in that last post - a few weeks later I get a voicemail that says the bag can't be fixed. They are sorry. They are also sending me a merchandise credit for the amount we paid.

Sounds good, right? Like I should just be able to get another one? Not so.

I can't find that bag anywhere on their site and what good is a different site to me when all I have is a merchandise credit for Coach.com? OK, I settled down by this point, because I found this bag online that I also like. Come on, I am reasonable, right?

I go to order it and the damn site won't accept my "merchandise credit" correctly. Thankfully I caught that before I pressed "submit order" or the whole amount would have gone on my visa, yes, I actually owe Coach MORE money.

At this point I am annoyed and call the number provided. That was actually pretty easy to do - gave them my order, my merch credit #, my credit card # for the remaining balance, and voila. Too bad that lady sounded kinda bitchy - as if somehow I was annoying her for trying to spend some money at her place of employment.

Oh, and I get to pay for shipping on my new bag too. Zing! You got me Coach! But just this one time... Kate Spade anyone?

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