Goals - Life - Happiness. Hopefully.

I started doing some thinking about "horrible weeks" because I frankly was feeling like I haven't had a great one... and boy, in the grand scheme of things I am so wrong.

For starters, on Friday after a night on the town I was heading home. A car pulled out right in front of me about midnight and I gave my horn a little honk. It was an un-marked police car and he flashed his lights and pulled over. Of course, only I would honk at a damn police car. I pulled behind him and he got out and told me that contrary to my belief he did NOT pull out too close in front of me. Whatever you say officer. He also told me it was unlawful to honk my horn in the City of Charleston after a certain hour because of a noise ordinance in the area. I did not know that. He let me get go and I got on my way. I was furious, but why?

Then we lost our kickball game. Boo Hoo. During that game I got a guy "out" at second base (for real, he even admitted it) and he was called "safe." I was furious again, but why?

On the way home from my kickball game, I pulled a little past a stop sign when I stopped so I could see around a building and if it was safe to pull out into traffic. By doing so, I blocked the sidewalk and a homeless man yelled at me because he had to go around my car on his bike to get to the sidewalk on the other side. Did I seriously feel judged that this homeless man, who probably didn't even have a license, was critiquing my driving skills? Who Cares? I did.

A tiff with my husband, a snide email from my boss, pissed about having to order [another] Coach bag?, and voila, I have had the "most horrible week ever." Seriously Jo? You know what you need?


Some people in this world are dealing with abuse, children who don't know when their next meal is coming, how they are going to pay that next bill, the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of a limb... I tend to think it is all due to my blessed life why I get so upset over the stupidest things. You know who gets upset over petty shit? Someone who has nothing better to complain about!

I have had some excessively great weeks in my life as seen [here] and although I have felt a little "goal-less" since completing my registration exams, I think I have found some new goals to help me appreciate what is good in life and in turn, maybe that can only happen by helping others, especially those who are less fortunate.

I recently read this post on a minimalist blog about why you shouldn't have goals, but I tend to disagree. Maybe the goals he was talking about dealt more with monetary things, but I tend to think a purpose driven life, whatever your purpose, is important. Without goals, how am I supposed to get out of bed in the morning? 

My new task is to have goals that make me a better person, a more loving wife and sister, a more dependable and caring friend, someone to look up to, someone who appreciates the simple things in life, someone who chooses happiness...

I think I have found my new goal. :)

P.S. If you google "happiness" this is the first image that comes up. Very simple, don't ya think?

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