Karim Rashid for Scotch

So these little beauties have been added to my desktop. The literal desktop not the Windows 7 virtual one... I LOVE my new tape and post-it dispenser!

Karim Rashid has done a great job with the design (and even construction) of his new Pebble Collection. Although there are other colors, for some reason, I always prefer white. I love that they are bubbly, streamlined, sleek, shiny, useful, and cute all at the same time and I was really surprised when I found them just walking through my local Staples for about $10 bucks each.

[Shout out Staples and Scotch! For real, I usually have to go online and pay insane prices for well-designed items like these.]

For anything that has a household purpose, I always prefer the one that looks cooler rather than just the norm. For example, this was my dust buster for a while, the Dirt Devil Kone.

And oh my goodness, I did not know this until just now, but the designer of the Kone is also Karim Rashid. Lucky bastard! I would love to get into product design. The things you learn when you blog. :)

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  1. I've been on a mad hunt for the Karim pebble products in white after my were stolen! Name ur price!


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