Taken 2

Grade: C+
Date: October 5, 2012 - Opening Day
Location: Citadel Stadium 16
Notes: I wanted "Taken," but this paled in comparison

The movie was OK... but it was no "Taken." The first movie in this series had several items that this one just didn't...

For one, the sequel didn't really have anything new or exciting in terms of Liam's "skillset." We already know what Liam can do, he's proven it, and this time I was hoping for something more or at least something different.

Another big miss on the part of this movie was that you pretty much know what's going on the whole time from both sides (good and bad). Taken had so many more twists and turns and surprises. The sequel had storyline from the "bad" side and to be honest it was all just a little more unbelievable.

Taken 1 also had a much higher chance for failure as there were several more characters that Liam depended on while Taken 2 basically depended on Kim, an unlikely candidate to drive a stick shift the way she did (not having her license), run the way she did, throw grenades, and outsmart the bad guys when she couldn't even answer her phone when she needed to the first time.

Taken 1 just seemed to have a more fast paced and interesting storyline so I would recommend re-watching it again rather than seeing this sequel.

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