First World Problems

I will never take technology for granted again! This was an atypical situation, but one that has taught me how I actually use my mobile phone...

I switched jobs, phones, and networks. All.at.one.time. The funny thing about iPhones is that if you have one on AT&T like I did, it cannot be turned into a Verizon phone so they have to be switched out.


I really wanted the iPhone 5 and there was a wait! So what is a girl to do for two weeks while on Verizon with no phone? They suggested I borrow and activate an old phone until my new one comes in and that is exactly what I did. My mom was kind enough to loan me her old phone - this beauty.

It actually works quite well for a phone (people told me they could understand me better - go figure) and to text, but I found that I only use my phone for that purpose maybe 25% of the time!

I found myself REALLY missing maps, maybe over anything else. Also the internet at your fingertips when you are at the grocery store is something I took for granted. If an item was on sale, but I didn't know what to do with it, I could instantly look up recipes and pick up anything I needed. My calendar was always synced and my alarm was always with me - not even to mention the camera and facebook.

I miss my iPhone! But this one will be here in the next week:

I also already have my new case :) (I couldn't resist!!!) It is an Agent 18 Coral Chevron and comes with a wallpaper background. So this -

   +   =

Except mine will be white. I am so excited! I wonder if I could start to appreciate more things if I just did without them for a little while... 

On a related note, there was a segment on SNL about all the problems with the new iPhone and they did a spoof on how the workers in China were giving the Americans a hard time about waiting "forever" for something to download while they "had easy commutes because they had to sleep at work." 

It was very funny but potentially too true... and this is what some of my friends and I call "first world problems." So, take some time today to be thankful during traffic because you have a car, to be happy that you have a house even though you have to clean it, to be satisfied with your body even if your jeans are too tight because you have food to fill your bellies, and to smile when you go to work instead of groan because there are far worse places to be!

Funny how simply using an older phone can make a woman think.

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