Forget Me Not

I did get the most amazing pillow yesterday night! I was so excited I took a picture of myself holding it in the parking lot. :)

I must say, that after sleeping on it all night last night, it did not disappoint! I am very excited to go to bed tonight. I could fall asleep right now actually...

Anyways, when I walked into the store, the SAME sales guy was there! I told him I was back for my pillow because I was so excited to get the Groupon!

He stared at me blankly.

I reminded him that my husband and I were just in and bought a mattress and I really loved the pillow and that he was the one that was trying to get me to buy it and everything ... and he still stared at me blankly.

I am not reaching here, but this sales guy and I talked at LENGTH about this pillow, we spent close to $2,500 in his store, we were the only ones in there, and supposedly his only sale of the day. We talked about how he just graduated from college, he told us what his favorite mattress was, his favorite pillow - I mean, we talked for about an hour with this guy less than a week ago... and he had no clue who I was.

Even when I told him that we were the ones who ordered the California King that needed to be special delivered... still.no.clue.

I would say this guy does not have a bright future in sales. I know it is a mattress store, but that was a bit incredible, especially for a young fella!

Apparently I am old now and I call people "fellas." Or young bucks. :)

Back to the pillow - I love it.

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