Bathroom Design - Sneak Peek

This page of finishes is what we are looking at for our bathroom re-design. We had a water leak that ruined pretty much anything touching the ground so this is our attempt at putting the pieces back together under-budget and still stylish. [While also staying neutral enough that if we put our house on the market, we won't scare anyone. :) It is a delicate balance!]

- Ashland Vanity from Home Depot - $299 (includes countertop)
This vanity is on super special! It is has modern lines, but nothing too out of the box. The color is a little light for my taste, but will go well with the wood floor that we chose for the rest of the house (top pic).

- Interceramic Linen Smoke Tile - 16x24 (about $ 1.50/ square foot)
This is a great way to cover a lot of area at a good price. Adding an accent tile ($10/ square foot) like you see in the top picture will add that pop of color and design without a huge cost increase. I have done a lot of research on using glass tile on the floor and have summed it that you shouldn't do it, but if you do install it, keep it just for an accent. We're gonna try it. Make sure you use un-sanded grout with a latex modifier so you don't scratch your glass with the sand and the latex helps with stains.

- Widespread Peerless Faucet from Lowe's - $106 (clearance)
I love satin nickel finish and will usually go toward this metal's look. It was the best one on clearance and we are sticking to a budget! Notice the word "widespread" in front of the faucet name. It is important to check the holes on your coutertop to know if you need widespread or centerset faucet design. Widespread is a bit more money, but it is the only faucet that will work with our pre-drilled holes.

- Paint, 'Baking Stone' from Lowe's
It is SO important to look at your paint with all your finishes like you see above. What may look good with one item might not look good with another. I started with my head set on one color, but after getting all my materials together, I completely warmed up the gray I had originally chosen and 15 color swatches later, here with are with "Baking Stone."

I can't wait to see it all put together! :)

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  1. I just read your post, I think it will be an amazing design. The planning is there, and so is the great idea, the result should also be as follows. It's going to be a wonderful, anyway I would love to learn more about how you came up with this design. Maybe a post or two about it. Thanks!


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