Unspoken Brain Activity

Damn Jo, you were supposed to get a 25’ HDMI cord for the presentation today… ugh and you are already running late! Of course you are, if you would just get up 15 minutes earlier, this wouldn’t happen, but noooo…

Oooh, Kmart is much closer, I’ll give them a try even though they were totally dirty last time, and strange people go there, even more so than Walmart it seems, but this will give them a chance to redeem themselves. Plus they ARE much closer, see? You are already here. Awesome idea, Jo.

Wow, not many people stop at Kmart on Monday mornings? Where are all the cars? Nice, got a good parking spot. Next to a creeper sitting in his van with the engine running… this can’t be good for me. Why did I park next to a VAN with no windows that is RUNNING?!? Jo, you are such an idiot, just walk to the front door, everything will be fine.

Why didn’t this automatic door open for me? What? They don’t open ‘til 8?!? Who the F#$% doesn’t open ‘til 8? What kind of people do they expect to get in here after 8 when everyone I know has to be to work by that time?!? UGH… always when I am running late.

Kmart is a constant disappointment, off to the 24 hour Walmart I go…

Btw… the presentation got cancelled. Awesome Monday so far.

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