Pillow Talk

I about died when I saw the price tag of the pillow I was laying on at the mattress store. I just fell in LOVE with it! But not the $129.99 price tag. So, we left with our new mattress purchased, but still thinking about the Coconut Bliss Pillow by YuMe.

I haven't been actively search for a pillow, but I really haven't been happy with my pillow for a long time now. I even tried to replace it recently, but that pillow ended up in our guest room, and although nice, it just wasn't for me, and that is why I was so excited to find one I loved! It is just so expensive so I had to think about it...

Well, guess what?!? I found a Groupon in my email this morning giving you $80 to spend on accessories at Mattress Firm (where I found the pillow) for a $20 purchase from Groupon! I bought it. Almost immediately. I can't wait to head there tonight for my new pillow! When all is said and done it will cost me $70 instead of $130. Happy Day! :)

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