Decorative Taxidermy

My favorite thing that I have added to my office has got to be my white faux deer head. I bought and hung it last fall, but only now do I really realize how great of a choice it was! What started out as a joke, all of my male coworkers are hunters and fisherman and they have their deer heads proudly on display in their offices, turned into quite a conversation starter.

I found it on fab.com and the more I thought about it, the more that I knew I just had to get it! It wasn't super cheap, but it has been worth it for the countless conversations that it has sprung when people visit my office. It also fits in very well with all my white accessories! I am in love. :)

... now, for a name...

I think Bucky! It is a take on the famous architect Buckminster Fuller, and it is a buck. I think I am soooo punny sometimes.

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