Career in Photography, Anyone?

I really should have thought about Photography as more of a career when I was younger. Ultimately, I knew I wanted to do something with design (eventually choosing Architecture), but modern day technology has changed photography so much that the photos themselves are a design.

These modern photos are becoming so popular to take of children and weddings and really any celebration and they have so much design inspiration in them! The colors, props, adorable outfits, all something I would love to get my hands on someday with my own children... plus I bet you get to meet some pretty amazing people.

The photo above is of my college friend's new daughter... how precious! It is my favorite photo of a whole album of photos taken by Indiana photographer Kerri Sparks, and she is quite the talented lady!

My friend from the design world in Charleston, Julie Livingston Carter, just recently launched her photography business and seems to be doing quite well! She is a talented designer but when the economy crashed she found herself living for her passion, something to be commended.

Photography, being a service based commodity, is purely based on talent, in my opinion. A good camera, great lighting, and some digital editing skills vastly improve your photos... but the photos are only as good as the shots that are taken.

Of course, I have to give a shout out to my favorite wedding photographer in Charleston, Virgil Bunao. He shot my wedding and his photos still capture my heart everyday. This post makes me want to go out and take some photos right now!

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