Product Review | Victoria's Secret Fragrance - Bombshell

Grade: A
Cost: approx. 1.7 oz. - $45.00
Type pictured: Regular Bombshell Perfume (they also have Bombshell "Summer")
Buy at: Victoria's Secret Store or Online

So it appears that I am only inspired to do a Product Review when I absolutely love something, and this is my new perfume that I just ADORE! I am a creature of habit and have been wearing Ralph Lauren RALPH since college and I needed a change.

It takes me forever to pick out something new and I do a lot of research. This time, I sprayed two test strips with two different kind of perfume (one was Bombshell) and put one in either pocket so I could smell them throughout the day. I was leaning toward the other one, but something about the musk scent, or almost man scent of the Bombshell kept me coming back. It was very sexy - see description at the bottom.

When I got home and my husband hands down chose the Bombshell scent that sealed the deal. It really is all about his opinion in cases like these! I am a sucker for good smells. You can find me in the laundry aisle during most of my grocery shopping trips. :)

Description below:
The Fragrance is  "a combination of Purple Passion Fruit from the Brazilian rainforest and effervescent Moscato d’Asti grapes from Tuscany. Then they added exotic floralcy with Shangri-la Yellow Peonies discovered along the trail of the White Horse Snow Mountains in China and Vanilla Orchid, the beautiful bloom of the vanilla plant" but then  "Italian Sunstruck Pine, a stunning aromatic note of Ligurian Pine captured at the moment it’s warmed by the afternoon sun" was added to heat up the sexiness of this fruity-floral scent.

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