Modern Dollhouse!

How cute is this? Seriously, I can admit, I was into dollhouses when I was little, and not that little either, like I was building one even when I was in high school. OK, to my defense I was headed to architecture school, but still quite nerdy, I know.

I have never "custom-made" a dollhouse before and this one has me hoping I have a daughter someday because it is so inspiring! This is a set you can buy for about $300.00 if you just type in "Emerson Dollhouse" into Google Shopping... but how cool of a project would it be to not only build a dollhouse with your child, but also design it?

Think of the things they could learn and what you could learn! Patience probably being at the top of your list. :) Thank you to my sister Sarah for sending me this link! She knows me so well.

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