Product Review | Neutrogena Deep Clean Shine Control Cleanser

Grade: B+
Cost: approx. $9.00
Type pictured: Cleanser Mask (left) Scrub (right)
Buy at: Walmart, Target, CVS

I have chronically oily skin and have tried everything from $2 to $30 cleanser and no matter what, my skin is still oily. I didn't give this product an A, because it didn't perform how I wanted it to perfectly and I am saving that 'A' for the product that one day keeps me shine free all day! However, I did like it and would recommend it for any skin type.

I used both the cleanser/ mask and the scrub (I use the scrub at night and the mask in the morning although I don't leave the mask on for the full time every time). The smell is very nice and it leaves you clean and fresh and relatively shine free for a few hours. It gives me at least enough time to get my makeup on and get to work, but then I get a little shiny by lunchtime.

Having washed my face twice a day consistently for almost 18 years (I had terrible acne as a child), I have used everything from Prescription washes to Premier products such as Arbonne, and now Neutrogena. I think for price reasons and performance so far, I am going to stick with the Neutrogena and see where it gets me.

It appears these days I am more concerned about wrinkles than Acne so I guess that is a sign I am turning 30! For this reason, I now pair my face washing with an Oil Absorbing Day Lotion with SPF 20 by Arbonne. I have not found a face lotion comparable and although I hate to spend the $40 dollar price tag, it lasts me about 6 months. (pictured below). The wash is also good, but not worth the $25 in my opinion.

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