Movie Review | Blue Valentine

Grade: D for Don't!
Date: June 3, 2011
Location: viewed in home
Notes: Unless you want to be reminded of fading love and passion in a relationship that doesn't end well... don't see this film.

Really? The whole point of watching movies, in my opinion, is to escape from everyday life to a fairy tale or to watch two sides of a love story simultaneously and then watch it magically come together, a good who done-it, or even a little bit of sci-fi/ fantasy (yes, you are reading a review from a self admitted Twi-Hard). This movie was none of those things...

I am not usually a fan of spoiling a movie, but since I don't want you to waste 2 hours of your life I figured this could be an exception.

First thing that happens in the movie is the main characters' dog gets hit by a car. Basically, the rest is watching a present day and 10 year past flipping back and forth of how this couple's, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, love is formed and then ultimately fades.

Just when you don't think it can get any worse, you find out their daughter isn't the father's biological daughter, you get to watch Michelle William's charater get an "almost" abortion, Ryan Gosling's character get the tar beat out of him, and then it ends in divorce, roll credits.

The icing on the cake though is how terrible Ryan Gosling's character looks through most of the movie! I get it, he is supposed to look balding and a little trashy... but really? A sweatshirt with a bald eagle on it and pedophile sunglasses? Come on, Michelle Williams just looked tired in comparison...

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