12 Days Straight...

I am on day 2 of a 12 day straight work/ study program... and I am already tired! Remember this post? Well, the time has come for this course and it runs this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday... and I just got the schedule - 12 HOUR DAYS!

I don't know how Professor Thaddeus does it. This man has been teaching structures since I was in diapers and if he has enough energy to put up with all of us and teach it then I sure as hell can sit through it.

I am looking forward to soaking in his knowledge for my Structural Systems Exam I am taking the week of the 27th, but I am a little nervous about this one exam since I have already failed it once. I feel like this one test will get me to the apex in terms of my architectural testing since I started with the hardest ones first, and I really hope I pass!

On another note... this is a map of the highest earthquake prone areas in the USA, and I live where the big red arrow is pointing. We also have some of the highest concentrated wind loads on the east coast. The things you learn when studying structural engineering!

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