The Best Week Ever...

goes like this:

Monday |
I get flowers delivered to my office from my husband... what holiday was it you ask? None! It was an incredibly cute surprise and I got totally red-faced and felt very lucky. The only negative to come out of that was our Business Manager told one of our office girls that her husband should "take notes." Who says that? It was super embarrassing, maybe even more for me. Seriously, keep your cynical comments to yourself.

Monday night |
I was thinking in the car ride on my way home from yoga class that I had to unload the dishwasher and pull my cat's bed out of the wash to put it back together, do the litter box, take a shower, fix some dinner and turn on my True Blood on the DVR... to my surprise - all of it was done but the litter box (some things will just NEVER happen - haha) and my shower of course. Dinner was even made so I was able to sit down and relax a half an hour earlier than I thought!

Tuesday |
After having a wonderful IIDA meeting at the brand new Thai Basil Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant, I came home to a shiny new DVR in the spare TV room! We previously only had one, so when Hell's Kitchen, Design Star, and Bachelor Pad all came on at the same time there was a conflict of only being able to record two shows at once, now we can record 4! :)

Wednesday |
I reveived news that I PASSED my Structures Exam! Finally, after waiting for 6 weeks I got the results. After previously failing this exam, I was SO HAPPY that my retake was a PASS! YES! and to almost top that, my boss walks around with our quarterly bonus checks to hand out! Score!

Thursday |
Although this is bittersweet, this day was our lunch and happy hour celebration for our dear friend and co-worker, Emily, to go back to school. I will really miss her but I am sure I will see her often and her school is only 3 hours away! I've never been to a Clemson Football Game, but I plan to remedy that this coming fall.

Friday |
Well, for one, today is FRIDAY! :) Plus I get to find out if my sister-in-law is having another boy or girl at a cupcake reveal party tonight. She is handing over the sex in a sealed envelope from the doctor to the baker and having her make all the cupcakes with filling. All will have white filling but one, which will have blue or pink filling, and then we get to see what he/she is going to be! Can't wait for tonight. :)

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