Do you know David Thaddeus?

If you said yes, and are not an architectural, structural, or engineering student, I am a little worried about you! 

Honestly, this post is dry, but if it helps anyone out there on the search for materials to pass the Structures portion of the ARE (Architectural Registration Exam), then I have done my part.

David Thaddeus is currently Associate Professor of Structures and Architectural Design in the College of Architecture at the University of North Carolina. He has developed a review course for the Structures portion of the ARE. Since then, his course has evolved into an intense 3 day workshop.

Professor Thaddeus, otherwise known as "the structures guru", has helped thousands take the exam with confidence and PASS. He has lectured for AIA chapters throughout the US and is coming to Charlestonon June 17th!

I struggled with whether or not I should take the course, because it is so stinkin' expensive, but advice coming from friends I trust helped me make the decision.... I am going to take it!

My friend Natalie says, "It is a lot of money, but I would absolutely recommend it. It is three days of structures and it's intense, but once you collect your thoughts you will feel more confident."

Thank you Natalie for that! Love you and miss you!

I will let you all know how my test goes, I plan on taking it at the end of June. Send the good luck my way!

Email: thaddeus@uncc.edu or contact your local AIA if you are interested in this course.

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