Do you have a Gmail account? Then you should be using iGoogle!

This is screen shot of my iGoogle page and much of where I spend my time when I first turn on my computer. Anyone with a Gmail account can set one up, customize it, and it can truly become a one stop shop for all things news, weather, etc. related.

I had a similar page when I had my yahoo account, but it seems like everyone is using gmail so I decided to drink the koolaid as well when I changed my name after I got married.

So this post might be something you all know about, but did you know about Google Reader? This little beauty of a gadget, located right above my "turtle aquarium" compiles all the blogs that I follow in order. When you click on the link, it gives you the post right there without ever leaving the page!

I also love the to-do list, weather, youtube, and bookmark apps... and see that countdown on the bottom center? Yeah, that is when I turn 30... yikes!

Comment if you have an app on your iGoogle that you absolutely love or if you have any questions!

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