6 Years Ago, TODAY, I started my job at SGM! [now Novus]

my roots at SGM and my first desk for 4 years

Our new office building and my new desk for the past 2 years

I have worked at Novus Architects for the past 6 years and with some of the most amazing people I've met in Charleston. I am proud to call them more than just my co-workers, we are friends. I will admit, there are some things I would trade about my job, but I am very lucky to have had it all this time! 

Looking at the photos of my desk is kind of like that game, PhotoHunt, what is different? Chair, monitor/ computer, even the stalk of bamboo have all been upgraded, but pretty much the same 15 people are still here that I started with and that is the best part! If you notice, I also have windows this time... and Ashley is still 5'-0" away from me, which I love!

My 6 year review is next week, wish me luck!

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