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My newest client wanted to take two smaller bathrooms and turn it into one larger, more spacious and luxurious bathroom. Normally I wouldn't recommend taking one of your bathrooms away, but in this case they love their house and don't plan on moving anywhere soon and this is what they wanted.

The two existing bathrooms were quite small and needed some major updating. Like they "had-pink-tile-on-the-walls" major updating. I am always happy to help, but don't often get to design the spaces in the way that I would like because obviously people have different tastes. This was a different situation!

Their inspiration piece that the owner's chose on their own was the vanity from above. It is very clean lined, modern, and asian inspired. They really liked the asian feel of it and wanted to continue the look in the rest of the room.

At the tile showroom we decided on vertical staggered glass tile that gives a nod to the way a bamboo field would look. We also chose white river stone for the shower floor that mimics a white sand zen garden feel. In the end the natural stone was the way to go on the bathroom floor and I can't wait to see how it all comes together! It is under construction this week and I will post pics once it is finished.

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