Product Review | Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure

Grade: A
Cost: approx. $6.00
Colors pictured: "I Pink I Can" [left] and "All Fire Up" [right]
Buy at: Walmart, Target

I am always cynical about "at-home" polishing. Once I got my first pedicure in 2009, I was hooked because the color was so smooth, shiny, and lasted forever, not to mention it was also relaxing and I didn't actually have to do a yoga move to paint my toes.

This was all until I heard good things about the polish from Sally Hansen and was trying to save some money... and this was a great try! I think what did it for me was the wide brush. I cannot stand when polish has a long circular brush... I mean, do you paint your house with a brush like that?

And it REALLY does cover in one coat! I typically use two coats and then still add a clear coat (even though it says it has a top coat) because I like my nails super shiny.

Thumbs up on the color choices too :)

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