Cinco de Mayo

This is what I did for the 5th of May... the chips came with amazing homemade guacamole and conversation from a great friend.

Yes, that is EXTRA tequila in the inverted lime in my margarita. I called it a "front loader" for my drink since a little bit tips into each of your first sips. It was a strong delicious margarita full of fresh squeezed limes and oranges, none of that store bought sugary yuck.

I would give you the recipe but I can't recall it... I think there was Grand Marnier in it as well...

I love celebrating a Mexican holiday where a small group of Mexicans defeated the French a really long time ago that they don't even celebrate in Mexico as much as Americans do... I would say it was worth it to have a reason to day drink in 2013. :)

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