'Juicy J' - the 'J' is not for Joellen...

I never felt older than I did last night... I was walking past the Music Farm in downtown Charleston around 8 o'clock pm and there was quite a line coming from the door. They were mostly hipsters, both white and black, and all very young (20-23 years old)...

I said in my coolest, youngest voice, "So, like, who's playing tonight?"

The young girl with a mini-skirt on and long straight brown hair under her beret replied, "Juicy J."

I said back, "Oh, awesome, he's great, have fun!" while thinking to myself that I have no clue who 'Juicy J' is, that I hope that he is actually a man since I said the word 'he's', and as I briskly kept walking to my car to go home because I was tired from working all day and I am old and kind of sore from playing kickball the previous night.

I feel so out of it. There was a time in my life that I was really into new music and going out on Tuesday, but at 31 I more prefer happy hour (which is where I was), getting home by 8, walking the dog, changing into sweat pants, and watching Revenge.

I don't think there is anything wrong with that, since it is what I WANT to do, but there is just something about growing older that young people don't understand; people don't actually change. We still want to feel cool and fit in, wear the right things, be at the right places, and have true friends and meaningful relationships. We can still feel hurt because we're left out, frustrated that there is not enough time in the day, and excited when something amazing happens. It is just about different things now.

I heard about a contest Disney was doing... "Your mom can win a trip to go see 98 degrees!" and then there are women screaming in the background... 98 degrees, huh? Your 'mom?'... I am old enough to have children? I would assume they are targeting my demographic since I was in high school when they were popular... but wow, seriously, some things never change.

Or maybe they do change a little bit and look waaay hotter as as adult than an adolescent! [referring to 98 degrees of course.] :)

Back to my post...

For those that may also have to look up who 'Juicy J' is, he is, in fact, a man! and quite gangsta at that... what were all those hipsters doing there? Or is that just a buzz word for what old people call young people? haha

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